How to Use Spin Pins to Make a Bun that Stays Put

In the heat and humidity… or oh, okay, any time during the year when I just don’t feel like taking the time to tame my hair, I wear it up in a bun.

And because life is a lot easier if I can fix it in the morning and not have to fuss with it at all during the day, I want something that is going to hold. Hold and not give me a headache, so just say no to eleventy billion bobby pins in my head.

spin pins

I’ve been using Spin Pins for several years now, but when I posted about them on instagram, I got a whole bunch of questions about how to use spin pins. It really is super easy, as you’ll see in this video. Whether you want to create a bun for yourself or your daughter, give these a try.

If you want a tighter bun, you can start by securing your ponytail with an elastic, instead of just gathering it into a ponytail and twisting.

I have very thick, medium length hair and usually only use one Spin Pin to make a bun. You can add a second Spin Pin for extra security or if not all of your hair is tucked into the bun with the first one, tuck it in and secure with the second pin. Angle it in from the bottom or the side, depending on where the loose side of the bun is. Spin Pins will hold your bun all day.

To take your Spin Pin bun down, simply grasp the top of the pin and turn it in the opposite direction that you used to insert it(if it starts going further into your hair, you’ll know you’re turning it the wrong way).

Spin Pins are sold in packs of two, for either light or dark hair. Find them in Target or Walmart by the hair accessories, for $5-6. There are other updo suggestions in the Spin Pin box, but once you master the basic bun, you can come up with your own, too.

Let us know if you try the Spin Pin bun and don’t forget to pin this easy hair tutorial for later!


    • Shell says

      For dance, I’d probably use a ponytail holder to start, and then use the pins. But they do really hold!

  1. says

    I am so glad you included a video! I’ve heard of spin pins but was very skeptical. Now I’m a believer! I can’t wait for my daughter to try them out (my hair is way too short). She takes ballet and these would make the ballet bun much easier!
    Tammi recently posted…Master Bedroom Retreat MakeoverMy Profile

  2. says

    I would love to wear my hair up sometimes but pony tails and buns tend to give me a headache. I can sort of endure a simple braid or fish bone braid but really would like do something other with my hair! If I can find something similar in Croatia, I’ll give it a try, if not I’ll have to beg my sister in law to help me out! Enjoy your SITS day!
    Ana Lynn recently posted…5 Budget Friendly Breakfast IdeasMy Profile


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