Why We Didn’t Quit Ballet

quit ballet

She twirled. She leapt. She skipped across that stage with red hair piled high in a dainty bun, her silver white tutu glimmering like the starry sky. My beautiful girl—my ballerina. This was our daughter’s first dance recital, the finale to six months of lessons and rehearsals and crazy costume fittings. My husband and I sat […]

Monster Tongues: A Quick Kids’ Dessert

monster tongues

Three ingredients with only a few minutes of actual work is my kind of quick and easy kids dessert or snack. To make myself feel better, they have fruit to go along with it or only eat it after they eat a healthy meal…. but just one monster tongue really isn’t all that bad. Not […]

Baseball Fans: Which One Are You?

Baseball Fans

I have gone to a gazillion baseball games (or at least it feels that way) and I have noticed that fans come in all different types. Really, this isn’t just exclusive to baseball. I see these fans at football games and basketball games so I would imagine they exist in other sports as well. I […]

Want Just One Glass of Wine?


Sometimes I just want a glass of wine. And I do mean A glass. Which is why Zipz Premium Wine Anywhere is so convenient. I can have a glass without having to open a whole bottle. Or if we’re having friends over who like different kinds of wine, Zipz allows everyone to choose their favorite […]