Peanut Butter Cup Bark

peanut butter cup bark

This is one of those recipes that is so simple, it seems almost silly to share the recipe. But, it’s also so delicious and quick to make that it’s the perfect thing to add to your Christmas cookie tray. All the flavor of a peanut butter cup, but you pretty much can’t mess up peanut […]

Why Bother Playing Youth Sports?

4 practical reasons why your kids should try youth sports

My boys are involved in multiple sports. We try not to have them overlap too much so they don’t have so much going on all at once, but they still have tried many different sports. Sports can be expensive, time-consuming, and then you might notice a sport that your child isn’t particularly good at. So, […]

Overnight Crockpot Oatmeal with Bananas

overnight crockpot oatmeal with bananas

Mornings in my house are so chaotic. Probably because not a one of us is a morning person. So breakfast is always something super quick and easy. This overnight crockpot banana oatmeal is a great way to serve a hot breakfast with no work in the morning(and really, only minimal work the night before). I’m […]