Five Thank You Gifts For Coaches

5 great ideas for gifts for coaches for the end of the season.

It’s the end of the season and what better way to show your team’s appreciation to the coaching staff than with a present? As a coach, I can tell you from the receiving end what makes a great gift and without breaking the bank of the team parents. Here are 5 ideas for gifts for […]

Easy Sandwich Muffins

Easy Sandwich Muffins

I like easy. Who doesn’t? Especially when I have some picky eaters. And even more so now that soccer season is in full swing. I’m lucky enough that soccer practice doesn’t start until 6pm, and we’ve already eaten dinner by then, but my son is naturally hungry after practice. Even still, though, there are days […]

How to have date night without going broke


We are so frequently told how important it is to have a date night with your spouse or significant other. While I agree with the sentiment behind that and love to enjoy an evening out, sometimes that’s easier said than done. By the time you have selected an activity, gone out for dinner and finished the […]

Part 2: Concussions and the NFL

See Concussions Part 1 I left off  with how parents need to be involved in the safety of our kids playing football (really all sports but for this post, football). We have to be the voice in each of our leagues. We need to ask the leagues our children participate in what their protocol is […]

Candy Apple Martini

candy apple martini

So many of the recipes we post on here are family-friendly, quick and easy meals that even your picky eater kids will try. But sometimes, MOM needs something just for her. This Candy Apple Martini is a fun fall drink, perfect for a girls’ night in. Or for any night you want a little treat.  […]