4 Things that Happen When You Ditch the Minivan

what happens when you ditch the minivan

When my kids were babies, toddlers, and even preschoolers, we needed a minivan. Well, according to me, we needed one. It was so much easier to have that automatic sliding door, plus the captain’s chairs where one of my kids could climb into the back easily. While there was a short period of time when […]

3 Ingredient Homemade Spaghetti Sauce

3 ingredient spaghetti sauce. True Believer spaghetti sauce recipe.

When the book True Believer by Nicholas Sparks came out back in 2006, the main character made a spaghetti sauce with just three ingredients. There was a whole scene where she explains that’s all you need and her love interest thought she was crazy. Yet, he loved it when it was done. The idea of […]

Kidz Bop 27 Is Here! Plus Kidz Bop Tour Dates

kidz bop 27

  Kidz Bop 27 Songs: Kidz Bop Tour Dates 2015: March 1: Dallas, TX March 6: Boise, ID March 7: Spokane, WA March 8: Seattle, WA April 25: Anaheim, CA April 26: Sacramento, CA May 1: San Antonio, TX May 15: Biloxi, MS May 16: Nashville, TN June 13: Greensboro, NC June 14: Durham, NC […]

Parents, the Rules Are There for a Reason

the rules are there for a reason

There’s probably going to come a time when there’s a rule for one of your child’s sports or activities that you don’t get or understand or agree with. But really, those rules are there for a reason. No parents allowed in the 3 year old gymnastics class. You want to watch and you don’t think […]

Trampoline Park Tips

Helpful tips to know before you take your kids to a trampoline park.

It’s cold and the kids start to go stir crazy(right along with mom). So you want to head somewhere where the kids can work out their energy. A trampoline park sounds like a great idea, but here are a few things you should know before you go. These tips are based on two different chains […]