Soccer Mom Problems

soccer mom problems 3

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About That Losing Season


We’ve had some of those seasons. The frustrating ones where the team my child was on couldn’t win. Couldn’t score a point. Or when they did, the other team scored so many more that I stopped even bothering to count. Though the kids usually knew. I always tell my kids that winning isn’t the point. […]

Bars of Gold: 3 Ingredient St. Patrick’s Day Treats

bars of gold, a 3 ingredient St Patrick's Day treat

These St. Patrick’s Day treats are super easy. It’s our theme around here: we’re all busy moms, so we want the quick and easy recipes! This one can easily be made by your kids, making it even easier for you. We made this recipe at Christmas time with chocolate oreos: those were lumps of coal. […]

Fair Weather Fan


I’ll cheer on my kids and their teams no matter how they’re doing.  Their effort, any improvements. They don’t have to win all the time.  But what I’m not always a fan of is the weather.  My boys have played soccer games in pouring down rain when it was far chillier than I’d like. It […]

Valentine’s Day Treats: Pink Brownies

valentine's day treats: pink brownies

This is my go-to recipe anytime I need to bring a sweet side to any gathering. These are white chocolate brownies that can be made in one bowl and they’re ready for the oven in less time than it take for the oven to preheat. It’s one of the few recipes I can recite off […]