Spreading Comfort and Cheer


Throughout the school year, I try to do little things to brighten up my children’s teachers’ days. It doesn’t take much: a favorite soda, sending in baked treats, or replenishing their pencil, tissue, and copy paper supply. Since it’s cold and flu season, I headed to Sam’s Club to pick up some KLEENEX® to make […]

3 Ingredient Cream Cheese Monkey Bread


  When the holidays roll around, I not only think about the big dinner, but I usually make something special for breakfast, too. Though because I do so much cooking over the holidays, it’s nice to take some shortcuts where I can. For the past several years, I’ve made Monkey Bread for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and […]

Don’t Be THAT Parent


The shove was so blatant that even my 7 year old pointed it out and said “They’re not allowed to do that, Mom.” And yet some of the parents were up on their feet, screaming their heads off, yelling that nothing happened, what is the ref calling, this is ridiculous, he didn’t even touch the […]

A Crucial Catch

Crucial Catch Day

When October rolls around and everything turns pink for Breast Cancer Awareness, I have some mixed feelings about it. I’m all for the awareness, but I also want to do something. I’ve even been guilty in the past of commenting on all the pink that NFL teams wear, wondering why they weren’t doing anything to […]