Boys Dance, Too

boys dance classes

When I was nine, my mom put me in ballet. Although I like to watch dancing, I never took to it myself. The year I spent doing ballet I also spent begging my parents to let me quit. At the time, I just wanted to ride horses. Participating in dance, to me, seemed torturous. I […]

Sports Drinks vs Water for Young Athletes


This post is written by America’s Nutrition Expert: Mitzi Dulan, RD, CSSDI, who was  compensated for her time by the folks at BODYARMOR. Opinions are her own. Should my kid be drinking a sports drink or water during competition and practice? Which sports drink should I choose for them? Isn’t there too much sugar in […]

Sports Bras, A Necessary Piece of Equipment

sports bras for girls

As early as the age of 8, some girls are already developing breasts. Even with small, developing breasts you need to start protecting them. Sports bras protect the breast tissue by pulling it close to the body. If worn correctly and properly fitted, they will keep the breasts from not only moving up and down […]

5 tools necessary to stay organized for the school year


The end of summer always has us scrambling as we prepare for the busy months ahead. Between back to school insanity and practices beginning, it’s that time of year when chaos abounds. Read our suggestions on how to keep it together- from day one, or day 101. 5 tools to help you keep your sanity […]

Yes, Your Child Should Wear a Bike Helmet


I grew up in a time when no one wore bike helmets. Or if we did happen to see someone wearing a bike helmet, we thought it was really strange. I tore up and down hills  on my bike, without a care in the world. And I was just fine. I did have a friend […]