Remove From Play Testing: Easy Sidelines Concussion Screening


With multiple kids in multiple sports, I do worry about injuries. A major concern I’ve heard coaches talking about is concussions. You’ve probably heard about the effects of concussions in professional athletes, but nearly 4 million American athletes suffer sports-related concussions each year. These concussions are happening daily and most of them are going undetected. […]

A Guide to Online Kindness for Your Kids


Today’s sidelines read is Kindness Wins by Galit Breen. If kindness wins, accountability rules. The need for this mantra is never clearer than when scrolling through posts and comments left online. Approximately four out of ten kids (42 percent) have experienced cyberbullying. When we were young, our bullies weren’t usually strangers. They were the kids […]

Not a Numbers Game


Last weekend my husband and I missed our son’s soccer game, but my mother-in- law was in attendance and when we inquired how he played, her response gave me pause, He did ok. No goals, he didn’t score any goals. He did ok, No goals My son plays midfield and sometimes fullback, positions that have […]

Kid-pleasing Enchiladas


Once upon a time, I spent hours scouring the internet for the perfect enchilada recipe. I wanted it to be authentic, with homemade sauce, a hint of a kick with some green chiles, and basically rival any of the hundreds of Mexican restaurants that surround us here in Texas. I found this ultimate mix by […]