School Lunch Inspiration- more than 100 options!


It’s that time of year again where our kids are back in school. I always start the year off with lunch-making enthusiasm, being creative and trying to pull out some fun stops while packing up a school lunch. Which lasts about a week. Reality quickly jumps in to halt that creativity, and packed lunches quickly […]

NFL FLAG Football Teams


Are your kids interested in football but you aren’t completely comfortable with the contact aspect of it? Or maybe you just want to ease them into it, let them learn the rules before they join a team where contact is allowed. The NFL FLAG football program, powered by USA Football, might be what you’re looking […]

Sticks and Stones….and Words


Last week, a friend posted on social media about some parents she encountered in youth sports, the gist being that they were awful. Several of the comments, including my own, understood. A “been there, witnessed that, know it all too well” type of thing. Because, sadly, it’s become a norm. We’ve all encountered that person(s), […]

Sidelines Read: The Santangelos


This is not a book you want the kids reading over your shoulder. But The Santangelos by Jackie Collins is a fun read. It’s like settling back and enjoying a juicy soap opera. The story centers around a glamorous family and you know there’s going to be drama, drama, drama. It all starts with the […]