Kaptaps for Your Water Bottles


I’m always on the lookout for cool products that could make my life a little easier. We’re all busy enough, right? Here’s a cool little gadget you can attach to your child’s sports bag or lunch bag or keep in your purse. It’s called the KapTap and it’s perfect for active kids. Plus, they are […]

8 Tried and True Soup Recipes

soup recipes

Have you ever had a Pinterest fail? You tried a recipe you pinned, you made sure you followed the directions exactly, but it was a giant flop. We love you Pinterest, but we realize anyone can pin anything and it might lead to a fail. To avoid this, we asked friends for their tried and […]

4 Things To Consider Before You Sign Up for a New Sport

4 things to consider before signing your child up for new sports

It’s time for spring sports sign ups, with summer sign ups right behind. You might be considering adding another activity to your child’s schedule. Before you do, consider these 4 things: 1. Your child’s interest in participating While they might not really know if they like something until they try, make sure you gauge interest […]

Bars of Gold: 3 Ingredient St. Patrick’s Day Treats

bars of gold, a 3 ingredient St Patrick's Day treat

These St. Patrick’s Day treats are super easy. It’s our theme around here: we’re all busy moms, so we want the quick and easy recipes! This one can easily be made by your kids, making it even easier for you. We made this recipe at Christmas time with chocolate oreos: those were lumps of coal. […]